4 things to look at while outsourcing design

‘If you can imagine it, you can get it.’ ~ William Arthur Ward

Imagine seeing your dream home right in front of you, with documents claiming your ownership of the said home, in your hands (it’s interesting how important documents are to prove everything- including your name is actually your name- in a civilized society, and how natural disasters don’t care for documents). Anyway, focus again on that visual. What is the best part about the visual? It’s the amazing feeling of achievement, of happiness in simple terms!

Now before you think this post is about visualization and ‘The Secret’, let me make two points:

  1. Visuals are powerful.
  2. People who follow ‘The Secret’ spend more time imagining things rather than acting to at least get started on getting them (I’ve been guilty of this too).

The first is the advantage and the second is the unfortunate reality of visualization techniques. To support the first point, I would say there is no denying the impact of something that looks really good (or someone)! But for now, I’m going to focus on the second point.

So if you have a visual- about how your company’s name should be flashing across a mighty billboard or how the product you have worked for, years on end, should be packaged (lovingly, of course, but you get my point) or how your website should reflect the high-end quality your brand stands for- no less- then don’t stop yourself short (or should I say, don’t sell yourself short)!

Of course you can harass your marketing team, or hire an additional person (or persons- remember you need to give them a salary every month, even if their multiple coffee breaks don’t result in breakthroughs).

Unless you have all the time in the world (i.e. you do NOT want to focus on your core expertise) or you want your company logo to look like a combination of two of your competitors’ logos, it makes sense to get professional help. While outsourcing is recognized as effective, here are a couple of things to look at when outsourcing:

1. Calculate the Return On Investment

A substandard marketing tool means substandard business. Statistics have shown that good communication design has generated enormous growth in business for companies. Go for excellent quality from the start. Check the portfolio of the party you are outsourcing to. You can even ask for a sample design or piece.

2. Bring in fresh perspective

People who work in the same office as you tend to have a similar way of looking at things, especially when it comes to marketing strategies or brand repositioning. The consulting agency you hire should be able to CREATIVELY contribute to your discussions and help you achieve a sound strategy.

3. Time flexibility

When outsourcing to an agency, plan in advance and be flexible with time. True genius is not delivered in an unrealistic deadline. Especially if it’s being custom made for your company’s needs.

4. Build a rapport

If you like the work of the agency, it is preferable to establish a long term association with them. This way, they can cater to your company’s evolving needs since they already have a good idea about your business. The other benefit is that you have a trusted partner you can rely on and call upon for specific needs rather than watch an employee utilize the office phone for personal calls round the year.

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