How Great Design can help Startups Revolutionize the Marketplace

You have a song inside you. And you’re finally ready to sing it (because no one else possibly can). You have decided to make a checklist of all the ingredients of success before you’re ready to put yourself out there. You might have thought of your product-market fit, product description, pricing and a nice website, to start with.

Well, really, every startup founder has thought of these things. What makes any startup, or company for that matter, stay on top once it has launched successfully?

1. Innovation

If your thumbprint represents only you and no one else , then your print ad must showcase your company like it is, in all its uniqueness.

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2. Make your product or service a social phenomenon

Back in the early 2000s, people in the developing world did not say to each other- “hey, hold on, I’m Googling this term.” What Google did was that it customized itself to countries and cultures, and made everyone feel welcome (think Google doodles). Another example is the unique customer service of the startup Airbnb. The customer service agents work remotely from all over the world as they also are the ones who have their property listed on Airbnb. This way, there is a loyal, diverse team of customer service agents enabling local level engagement for this global company. Talk about literally feeling at home!

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The best part still remains. There is one potent ingredient that can make all the 2 factors mentioned above, work for you.  It is, DESIGN.

Think of it like this: your product or service is the heart of what you do. But what is the body? Design is! Design can become the difference between you and another company offering pretty much the same thing to the market. In other words, it can become your USP. Since design is so VISIBLE, it can also become your marketing hook.

Do you want to reach out to the people? Let them know you care about their preferences. This can be done by designing according to the target market and its socio-cultural context. Again, it’s a popular story about how the Airbnb founders (two of them designers) made more than $30,000 selling 800 boxes of cereal. This was because they bought cereal from the market and DESIGNED the package according to what would sell- cereal called ‘Obama’s O’s’ and ‘Cap’n McCain’ in the run up to the 2008 presidential election which Obama won.

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Finally, with the right DESIGN, you can not only positively impact but REVOLUTIONIZE people’s lives, thus contributing to positive change in a meaningful way. Who knew a mobile app could make you a billionaire? Well, of course it could. It cared for people enough to help them book a ride from their phones, no matter what language they spoke, whether their country lacked fast internet access or they needed to send SOS messages to their loved ones in one shot while aboard a taxi (yes, we’re talking about Uber).

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More than anyone else, startups need to think their design through before launching because they almost have the masses hoping they will be the harbingers of creativity and change. It is not just a competition requirement to have great user experience on your website/app or inspiring content in your well-designed marketing collateral, it is what the market deserves.

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